About us

Passion for real meat..... We are passionate about cooking the best meat with the traditional “Low & Slow” method!


What started out eight years ago as a pop-up has turned into a full-on BBQ love affair.

Our interest in barbecue started with backyard cookouts that all our friends became addicted to. So, we went on and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to turn our passion into our first slow-smoking spot in Glyfada.

Today, people queue in line to grab a taste of this mouth-watering brisket.


Because we are dedicated to creating and serving the very best of Brisket, smoked low ‘n’ slow on-site every day and night.


Salt, spices, smoke, and lots & lots of love are generously portioned into each and every batch of our work. Our dry rubs and sauces are homemade, using recipes collected from all around the world with plenty of patience. Slowly smoked meats for over12 hours using hardwood oak for a very tender and flavorsome experience in order to successfully achieve the desired taste.

We got soul, too, the pithiness of Brisket Bro’s is their famous beef brisket and pulled pork. All smoked for several hours according to the traditional “Low & Slow” method.

Running the show_-by grilling, frying, and working the big smoke ovens- are our venerable pitmasters drawn by their passion for Meat.

We take our meat and cook them the true American way which means our BBQ pitmasters work around the clock to ensure the utmost and very best to serve when our doors open.